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Basic core exercises all Men must do to keep Fit

By: Ridhiman Das

Having only a Greek God body in this day is not the trump card for wholesome acceptance for Men in today’s society but being fit comes with its fair share of advantages. Regular exercises and workouts with the primary aim of fitness over mundane muscle building results in a confident demeanour and a happy, positive mind-set. Taking on one’s regular activities with such a mind-set soars productivity to new heights that eventually contributes to a happy and healthy state of being. A man can indulge in basic core exercises even through the confines of his home.

Exercise and working out for men is essential as it is healthy, makes you look better and provides a boost of confidence. Working out also increases testosterone levels and keeps oestrogen levels checked which results in reduced anxiety and depression amongst males.

Another open secret is that It also gives a man his traits that are different from women, making him desirable to the opposite gender and increases sex drive. But working out does not only mean going to the gym and pumping huge iron weights and chugging buckets of protein powder to become a confident male, it can also be done in the comfort of your own homes with nothing but your own bodyweight.

Following a healthy diet and doing basic core exercises are enough to keep fit and gain confidence as the modern man. The following are the best basic core exercises that can be done without weights, keep reading to know more!


Push-ups are the most versatile of all bodyweight exercises. It can be considered an all-round exercise as it strengthens your core, builds chest muscle and increases arm size by attacking your triceps. Push-ups are also great because of its multiple variations, from decline to incline to pike push-ups and weighted push-ups. The difficulty of the exercise can be changed to one’s expertise and also to concentrate on different muscle groups.


Squats are a great workout to pack strength and muscle into the legs. They are not only great for building a strong core but also keeps your lower body strength in balance giving you an athletic stance. Since leg muscles are the largest muscle groups in your whole body and require more overloaded training than other parts, squats require physical as well as mental exertion while performing. Thus, it also helps in building a stronger mental strength and the ability to take on challenges. Including weights significantly increases the difficulty of the exercise.


Lunges are another great exercise that targets the legs especially the rear leg muscles such as the hamstrings which are essential in preventing any sort of leg injury. Even though leg exercises are the toughest exercises to do, they help men in building more muscle due to the increase of testosterone which leads to an overall better mental health. They are a tougher exercsie than squats and one of the best basic core exercise.


All of the previous exercises mentioned help in building strength and muscle, but there should also be an inclusion of cardio exercises such as skipping or jump rope. Skipping is great for building agility in your legs and is a great endurance exercise to keep your heart healthy and maintain your fat level.

Skipping also helps in hand leg coordination as both your hands and feet have to move together. This results in strong calves and strong wrists resulting in a firm grip. The exercise has many variations from beginner to expert and as you progress through the different levels, your speed increases as well as the way you perform it such as double jumping, criss crossing and slow jogging while you’re skipping. The exercise does get more challenging but equally fun.


Now this is an exercise which very few are able to accomplish due to its nature. The pull-up exercise remains one of the toughest body weight workouts because of its execution of pulling up your whole body with the help of your arms – defying gravity! It’s one of the best compound exercises for building strength in the upper body. It mainly targets the back but also puts work on the core, forearms, biceps and grip strength. The exercise has two variations: underarm and overarm pull ups depending on if you want to target the biceps or the back respectively. 


You will never see an unfit and happy man because being inactive, a male lowers down in testosterone which leads to borderline depression and an unsatisfactory daily life. Going to the gym is obviously a great way to ensure that you stay fit both in body and mind but even then that does not give an excuse that fitness can be attained only when one joins the gym. The mentioned basic core exercises form the base of any exercise that is done in the gym, so stop scrolling through reels all day and get on the floor to attain that healthy physique!

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