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Attractive traits in a Gentleman

You can always most definitely notice a gentleman from the rest of the crowd. You can spot them from the subtle nuances in their behaviour and their presence which sets them apart on the attractiveness scale. No man is born into the world being a gentleman, it is something that is taught, believed in and followed for the rest of life. These subtle attractive traits sets them apart in the competition of suitable mates and is also appreciated by friends and family the same.

But being a gentleman does not mean that you are an overly nice guy that gets walked over by everyone. A gentleman is someone who treats everyone with the respect that he deserves for himself. He is courteous, charming, respectful and above all else chivalrous. Let us know what those attractive traits are in detail so that you too can learn to become a gentleman.

Integrity is sexy

Integrity is one of the most attractive traits that a man can possess. A man that lives in accordance with his beliefs and his values, a man of his word, someone who does not get influenced easily or steers away from his path. It is a strong trait to possess and reflects a man that stands his ground and is immovable from the things he believes is right for him. It is not to be confused with rigidity or stubbornness. A man with integrity is someone who has courage and will not fall weak to the pressures of others or society.

Confidence is one of the best of attractive traits

Confidence is the most attractive trait in a man. It is a reflection of his mental strength and someone who knows his shortcomings but accepts and embraces it for that what makes him who he is. A confident man will not falter from his shortcomings but use the best of his strengths to take him forward and be successful in his endeavours. Your confidence will be the biggest game changer when interacting with people.

Takes care of himself

A gentleman will always take care if he is presentable or not. It’s not about wearing expensive clothes and accessories but wearing clothes that fit, makes you look good and suits you. Taking care of one self not only boils down to fashion and looks but also taking care physically and mentally. A man who exercises, eats healthy and has control over indulgences, and also grooms properly shows that he takes care of himself which is one of the most attractive traits in a gentleman.

Calm during any storm is also one of the most attractive traits

A man will stay calm and composed even through the most uncertain and dangerous of times. A gentleman inherits this trait through his lifetime as he knows letting into one’s emotions will never let him assess the best possible solution to the situation. It is seen as one of the most attractive traits in a man that distinguishes him from the others that start to panic during the rough situations in their life. Your calmness will provide clam to others present around you

Knows when to take it easy and laughs

Being stoic and unemotional does not define a gentleman. He is someone who knows when to take it easy from time to time and sits down to laugh and spend time with the people closest to him. He knows life is not only about ambitions and to take it only as a competition. He enjoys the finer things in life and makes sure everyone around him is influenced by the same energy to take it easy. A man’s laugh if you did not know, is the best thing that he can wear, hence is one of the most attractive traits in a man. You will not be considered sexy or cool if you are emotionally unavailable, so embrace your emotions.

Responsibility is one of the important attractive traits

Gentlemen are responsible for their actions and choices. He is not someone who would lose sight of what matters to him the most. Be it his family, partner or his ambitions, he will prioritise them simultaneously to fulfil his mental peace and his life ahead. He is not someone to waste away his life or to move forward in life through handouts. As a man you should be responsible for your success and your shortcomings by making it out on your own every step of the way.


A gentleman believes in kindness and compassion. He never believes in disrespecting others, being grudgeful and instead practises forgiveness. He will be compassionate to others around him and be there for the ones that sought for him in times of need. It is one of the most attractive traits that sets a gentleman apart from the rest. Your kindness is your vulnerability but it will also be your biggest strengths.


A trait in a gentleman is not something that one is born with, it is honed, taught and practised to become good at it, but before everything else it is something that they believe in. A belief in being the best version of oneself. Anyone who embraces themselves and presents themselves in the best way they know with kindness and compassion is seen as attractive. We hope these traits have given you an idea on how to work on yourself and present yourself with your best foot forward!

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