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Are You Joining The Gym For The Right Reasons?

A man lifting dumbells

Gymming is enthusiastically perceived among men of all ages. It is considered a synonym for a healthy lifestyle. But is a healthy lifestyle the only reason people are becoming a part of the gym community?

There is more to the story of growing gym memberships than fitness. And the wrong reasons may yield negative results. Let's look at the range of reasons why gyms are gaining popularity and whether you should be a part of the trend.

Not So Right Reasons For Getting Fit

A man holding his pant by the waist

Self-Esteem Issues

Going to the gym has a great list of benefits. But if you are knocking on gym doors for the wrong reason, you may not succeed in your venture. Leading a gym lifestyle requires a lot of motivation, and self-esteem issues are not the best source for pushing yourself up. In contrast, these buildup emotions may project onto your body image issues. Thus, one may need to simultaneously work on the self-acceptance journey along with the gym to get the best results.

Only To Lose Weight

In the course of attaining fitness, you may need to lose weight. But it cannot be your sole reason to go to the gym. If your only concern is the weight scale, you may need to level up your goals.

Fitness is an explorative journey that allows your body to reach its optimum strength. Therefore, allow yourself to build up for the sake of a healthy life rather than for the swinging needle of a weight machine.

Gym Pressure

If you are surrounded by gym bros, you may naturally feel pressured to fit in with them. On one hand, encouragement to keep yourself fit is good peer pressure. But don't let it make you feel burdened. Besides, once you join the gym, improvements in others' physiques and such comparisons with one's own body can put you on the list of wrong reasons to hit the gym. It's essential to remember that every human body is unique and metabolizes at a different pace.

Burn The Calories

As mentioned, the gym is a lifestyle and is not just a means to burn those extra calories. If a gym routine is merely a choice to grab a few extra bites of fast food, it may not help you with your fitness goals.

Stress Avoider

Being physically active is a great way to lead a rejuvenating life. However, in certain cases, some use it as a way to get away from their pressures. Indeed, exercise is a good way to cope with your stressful life, but only when used in the right way. It is essential to use the gym for stress management rather than stress avoidance.

Five Reasons Why Gym Is Beneficial For Men

A man sleeping

Bone And Muscle Health

The best way to keep those bones and muscles strong is to train them. Resistance training with dumbbells and elastic bands stimulates bone health.

Confidence Booster

Exercise is one of the best instant mood lifters. And this feeling can elevate your confidence. Besides, increased strength and physical fitness counterfeit lethargy and weight issues. All in all every step towards physical well-being puts us ahead in our mental health journey. Thus, it boosts our self-confidence while interacting with our surroundings.

Sleep Enhancer

Physical and mental health are two sides of the same coin. A regular exercise or gym schedule will keep your mind at ease. Therefore, it boosts your sleep at night.

Sexual Health

One of the best results of an optimum exercise schedule is sexual health. Research suggests a positive role of exercise against erectile dysfunction risks in men. But one thing to bear in mind is that anything extreme is harmful, so make sure to maintain a gym life that is not stressful.

Besides, there is an increase in testosterone levels in men who exercise compared to inactive men.

Stress Management

Physical activity gives the body the strength of feel-good hormones. Thus, its secretions can help one manage stress in a healthy manner.

Should All Men Go To The Gym?

A man in the gym

There are various factors to be considered when joining a gym. It may be expensive for some. Or, it may be too distracting if you prefer to work alone. However, if you are motivated by people around you or prefer to have guidance while working out, then the gym may be a suitable place to work. Thus, individual preferences are to be considered when taking out a gym membership. But one must opt to be physically active, whether they join a gym or not.


In the present sedentary lifestyle, physical fitness has become an important topic of discussion. The rising awareness has made the gym a hotspot for men of all ages. But fitness is not the only motivation for these memberships. For the wrong reasons, the gym may feel like an unfit space for many men. As much as it is important to be fit, gym goers need to find the right reasons to bring out the best in them. We hope this article has solved the puzzle of whether the gym is the right space to work out for you.

Written By: Sameena

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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