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Aphrodisiac Scents- Art of Silent Seduction

By: Aakriti Gupta

You can be sitting in the coldest room and still be able to clench the smell of warm musk fragrance rousing your sex drive in a minute, that’s the beauty of aphrodisiac scents. Ever thought that why the Goddess of love and Sensuality, Aphrodite invented the red rose and its scent as a symbol of love? Even Indian ancient Vedas and ‘Kamasutra’ (Aphorisms of love) vouched for the use of aromatic scents to intensify sexual pleasure.

Donned the ironed white shirt, and grabbed that Rolex watch along with Rayban sunglasses for tete-a-tete but forgot to spritz some fragrance? Beware as your romantic date can turn into a story of woe soon! Nobody likes the bad odour, of course.

For a lot of men, sexual relationships might just be around the monotonous exercise with no intimacy. But it’s much more than that. It’s an art of inciting all your senses as well as emotions and transporting yourself to the reverie where you feel attached to your partner.

A lot of things contribute to you and your partner’s sexual arousement but smelling good after spuming droplets of aromatic scents can proffer a million-dollar vibe check. If you are brushing it off as another avant-garde thing, don’t!

The tale is old as time, when around 3,000 BC the ancient Egyptians pioneered the production of liquid ‘ittars’ (perfumes) from rose petals, crushed herbs, and essential aromatic oils as these perfumes had the power to concoct a romantic atmosphere to sexually arouse the lovers.

Science Behind Aphrodisiac Scents!!

Aphrodisiac scents are fragrances proven to stir visceral sexual instinct by ameliorating erotic desire, pleasure, or performance that usually come in various varieties like pumpkin, lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, etc.

*Aphrodisiac scents stimulate the nerve endings of the olfactory bulb (lying at the back of our nose) triggering the limbic system of our brain eventually amping up our libido. Essential oils are a treasure trove of properties that stimulates the pituitary gland which is responsible for sexual hormone production in men.

This scientific-backed concept is known as ‘Olfactophilia’ (a type of paraphilia- typical love), where an individual obtains sexual pleasure from fragrances. We guess Cleopatra and Aphrodite cracked the code thousands of years ago, right!

*Scientists have authenticated that just a hint of aromatic fragrance can transport you to the universe of nostalgia as it retains its ability to trigger an inescapable, instinctual romantic reaction deeply in your mind. That’s the secret of aphrodisiac fragrances!

Try some of the notes of these notorious aphrodisiac scents that can help you to spice up your sex life without any hassle.

Pumpkin Pie Scent

If you want to get your lover to perk up, serve him some freshly made pumpkin pie.

This American customary Thanksgiving dish as well as everybody’s favourite has the power to arouse erotic sensations in men.

*One study has revealed that the winning blend of lavender and pumpkin pie fragrances has increased penile blood flow by 40% when sniffed. Moreover, the consumption of pumpkin seeds ( a rich source of zinc ) can increase testosterone production in men.

Lavender Oil Aura

This aesthetic purple herb, native to Northern Africa and the Mediterranean mountains is popular for its aromatherapy. *It has therapeutic and curative properties that help men to inspire relaxation and arouse their sensual instincts at the same time, a perfect way to set a passionate mood.

Sandalwood Incense Odour

This oriental spice works as a wonder for men. The exotic woody smell of this spice hailing from East India has been touted often as an aphrodisiac as it complements the physical liberation and harmony between the lovers making them physically attractive profoundly.

As per Indian ancient texts, sandalwood has the potential to activate our second chakra (one center of spiritual power in our body) and intensifies sexual response along with potency. It induces a state of calmness, and clarity and relieves nervous tension that men usually suffer from due to work pressure or family obligations.

Vanilla Fragrance

Whether it is enjoyed as an ice cream flavour or as an essence in tropical fruits custard, it is sweet enough to be sensual. Vanilla is the go-to spice for perfumes, erotic baths, and mood-setting aromatherapeutic candles giving it its aphrodisiac stature.

*A recent study conducted on male Wistar rats has revealed that a 200 mg dose of vanillin (a chemical component of vanilla beans) demonstrated vanilla’s aphrodisiac properties, this aligned with the former data showing a 9% arousal in men who consume vanilla-spiced food.

Ginger Oil Aroma

One of the finest aphrodisiacs in the world, it is believed that the famous mistress of King Louis XV, often served ginger to her male lovers to help set the mood.

*According to the NH study of natural aphrodisiacs, *the aroma of this spicy root herb is scientifically evinced to attenuate libido, sperm count, and quality along with boosting carnal performance by increasing male testosterone production.

Rose Sweet Smell

Nothing can make you reach the seventh heaven quickly than being showered with a bouquet of red roses from your lover. Even having a pungent velvety smell, the notes of rose just add passion to the scent. 

*Rose floral scent heightens libido and fosters sperm and testosterone production making it a powerful stimulant for men. Ayurvedic practitioners herald the use of it as it helps in the regulation of the nervous system making people more responsive to sensual touch.


From the Greeks and Romans’ romantic bathing rituals to the 16th-century Renaissance midwives’ recipes for love potions made from herbs and spices, aphrodisiac scents have been alluring lovers all around the world.

These sensual fragrances can be a great service to you to send out those subtle but erotic signals to your partner to experience good times in your bedroom and some sweet pillow talks. Try them out. You can thank us later!


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