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Angad Bedi’s New Innings

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

A quick peek into Angad’s life and career: Films, TV, Fashion, Fatherhood and Family

Angad Bedi, known for his illustrious modeling career, is now a household name with different acting ventures. Lust Stories 2 and his feature in part of the film gained much appreciation; his candor and charm on-screen have become the center stage of his persona.

With great innings in reality TV, cricket, Hindi films, and other performances, there is a lot more in store with sports and fitness, regional films, and a gamut of other projects. His passion for fitness and films, the highs and lows of life, and juggling different aspects of life together are evident in his work and life trajectory. Angad was also candid with us about his family, children, and much more from his personal life.

Angad Bedi on Films

  1. You started playing cricket when you were young; how did Bollywood happen?

I grew up watching Mr. Bachchan's and Shahrukh sir’s films, and like my father, I've always been a big film buff. That's how I just guessed it was a call. It had to happen. I trained myself as an actor, did theater, did workshops, did everything, and then eventually, maybe I willed it into the universe, and that's how it happened.

How are you feeling after the success of "Lust Stories 2"?

I’m very happy with it. Durex has made their slogan Mount Fuji," and I just think when something hits home, you know it. The surround sound is very good. People saw me, and with the help of Balki Sir, I've been able to change my trajectory as far as cinema is concerned. I am part of Romance now, and now I have Ghoomer as a release, which is on the 18th of August. Again, people will see me in a selfless, romantic space.

How excited are you about your South Indian film debut with Mrunal Thakur?

Nani, sir, he's coming out of Dasara. Mrunal is coming out of Sita Ramam. Mrunal and I are coming out of Lust Stories. It will be very interesting to see how it plays out now in a South Indian film. I am very excited about my debut in South Telugu, and what a formidable producer in Vijender Reddy and a lovely director in Shaurya Sir! So, the whole setup is wonderful, with great actors, and I have been welcomed really well. It's been a very heartening experience.

You are doing a sports film, Ghoomer, with R. Balki (your second collaboration after Lust Stories). How excited are you about the movie?

I am very excited because I will tell you something. For me, to work with such a big stalwart like R. Balki, I've seen all these films. My favorite is Shamitabh. I wanted to be in a space where I've seen Cheeni Kum, Paa, Pad Man, and Chup, and now I've seen that, including Shamitabh. I just like the way he projects stories and tells them in such a simple and dynamic way, and it is something that I am really looking forward to.

One movie that you thought you should be part of?

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Yes, that's one film that I think I would have loved to be a part of. I love track and field, and I would love to do something in track and field one day.

Fitness and fashion

What is your fitness routine and mantra?

Well, I train four to five days a week at least, if not six. I like to be on track. I do a lot of track and fieldwork with my coach, Brinston Miranda. We do a lot of strength work in the gym, but I believe in outdoor activity.

What are some must-have fashion staples that you cannot do without?

White T-shirt, blue jeans—a must. A pair of formal shoes is a must. Keep it basic. Keep it simple. I have a couple of black T-shirts and a couple of white T-shirts. So, I would just say men’s basics.

You've walked the ramp for many designers and labels. Do you follow the Indian fashion weeks and menswear trends from these shows?

I do, but I just feel that of late I'm loving Anamika Khanna a lot, Dhruv Kapoor, and Kanika Goel; these are my top choices. They've done really well as far as fashion is concerned, and they've put India on the map. Dhruv Kapoor has done well internationally and made a great name for himself, and we are just at the tip of the iceberg right now. We've got a long way to go. Fashion is something that I really enjoy, and I keep on experimenting time and again whenever I can.

What are some skin care tips for men that you would suggest?

I just feel that the more you can sweat it out, the better your skin needs to be. Stay away from air conditioning as much as possible. Play in an outdoor spot, be out in the open, travel, and take in the oxygen. There are many creams and many other things. Use sunscreen at all times. Don't think that you don't require it; you do. Get a good haircut; it is very important for men and women. Personal hygiene is something that is very important.

How comfortable are you with wearing makeup? Do you wear makeup when you are not shooting?

No, I don't wear makeup when I'm not shooting, but it's part of the process; you have to. I don't have a problem with it, but I usually don't wear it when I'm not shooting.

Fatherhood and family

You're working on some promising projects. How do you juggle work and fatherhood?

Well, I spend maximum time with my daughter, and as I give this interview, she's calling out my name. I drop her off at school, and we spend as much time as I can. We go out for lunch. My Mehrunissa, as I call her, my loving daughter. She loves to travel. I'm trying to show her as many different cities and countries as I can. I work towards my fitness, so tomorrow when my Mehrunissa is going to want to become an athlete or run and play sports, I am child-enabled enough to be their friend and their father and play with them and travel with them. So I just don't keep it for myself. I am now in the process of keeping myself fully fit so that tomorrow, when my kids are teenagers, I can go out and party with them too.

Angad, you and Neha have been a great couple offscreen and are now lovable parents too. What are the things that have changed in your relationship before and after marriage? How has the fatherhood experience been so far?

I feel that I have been the luckiest since I got married. I have a wonderful wife; the best mother to my kids; and a great homemaker. I don't think I have seen anyone like her. Yes, my mom is one because she made many sacrifices for my father and then for us as kids. I see the same qualities in Neha, and I just feel that it's so wonderful the way she can handle everything. Today I am coming after PR for Ghoomer, packing, spending time with the kids, and a narration. I also have to train today. Neha does this every single day, and she can do much more.

One thing about Neha that annoys you, and you want her to stop doing it right away?

She talks before anyone else can. She doesn't let somebody finish the sentence; she has already reached completion.

How do you cope with lows in your life?

Yeah, I spent time with my kids. There are more lows than highs, and I have to accept that. I am just fortunate. I have a great family, and I have wonderful kids and a wonderful wife. My parents are still alive and kicking, and their health is fine. I just mean that family is the most important thing, and they make the most sacrifices for you, and you owe it to them. I am just blessed and fortunate that I can go back and spend time with them.

Any advice you want to give youngsters who want to become actors?

It is easy to become an actor but difficult to get work. So, never get disheartened and leverage rejections to your benefit. The more you’re rejected, the better you’ll end up doing.

We shot out some rapid-fire questions, and Angad’s responses were pretty interesting for these!

  • Favorite destination in the world?

Wherever my Mehrunissa is

  • One thing you do not leave your home without?

My phone and a water bottle, my training kits, and my spikes for the tracks

  • Your children call you


  • Your idol in Bollywood

Mr. Bachchan

  • Your favorite restaurant in Mumbai


  • Your favorite cuisine

I like Japanese, Indian, and Chinese.

  • What’s your favorite cheat meal?

A nice juicy burger—a cheeseburger—and pizza

  • Netflix and chill or party animal?

Netflix and chill

  • Favorite perfume?


  • If you had to re-propose Neha, where would you do it?

I will do exactly the same thing as I did. Nothing changes.

  • The next director you want to work with

Karan Johar, Shakun Batra, or Ayan Mukherjee are people I would love to work with.

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