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American Author – Regine Sawyer speaks to BFH

Regine Swayer, an American author who is coveted for highlighting contemporary issues through comics was in the town. BFH’s managing editor Sourendra Das met Regine at the Embassy of the United States wherein she divulged the importance of being vocal to raise certain pertinent social issues.

The panel had Ram Devineni, another American-Indian short-filmmaker and comic book writer who has worked with the likes of Vidya Balan in his short films in the recent past. The discussion was moderated by Jeffrey Simmons from the Embassy wherein he made the panelists talk about the relevance of imagery in literature to take a certain social message in a most egalitarian way to the broader masses.

I am coloured and in my various assignments in Hong Kong, Dubai and Europe, I was perceived uniquely for that. I asked Regine, as an American author, if she had similar experiences being a woman of colour and she revealed, “My work should speak for myself and sometimes I felt that people would say how pretty I am and that has nothing to do with the work I produce.

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