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8 reasons why women ghost men on dating apps

Updated: May 18, 2023

With just a few touches on your phone, dating apps can fulfill your yearning for love and companionship, like the enchanted genie in a bottle. They serve as the digital age’s virtual matchmakers, bringing lovers from around the world together.

Imagine having a personal wingman at your disposal who is constantly prepared to introduce you to a fresh group of possible suitors. That is the main purpose of dating applications. They analyze your choices using advanced algorithms and pair you with people who meet your requirements. Having a chance of finding true love is similar to having your own fairy godmother.

A fantastic way to expand your social network and meet new people is by using dating apps. There is an app for everyone, whether you’re seeking a committed relationship or simply some casual fun. There’s something for everyone, from the classic swipe-based apps to the more specialized websites. Of course, utilizing dating apps has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other technology. Taking necessary precautions, such as meeting in a public area and refraining from giving personal information, can reduce the risks of dishonesty and fraud that the anonymity of the internet occasionally encourages.

How are dating apps for men?

Ah, the perilous world of male dating apps. There are plenty of possible matches and the occasional misadventure in the virtual forest that exists outside. But do not be alarmed; traversing this virtual space is an exhilarating journey that may result in fascinating new relationships and opportunities. Men can get a lot out of dating apps in different ways.

Here are a few possible advantages:

  1. You can see a lot of potential matches on dating apps, which can make it easier to find someone who is an ideal match.

  2. Apps for dating give you more power over the process of dating. Men can start conversations and set up dates on their own. This initiative can give them a sense of power and control over their love lives.

  3. Apps for dating let guys sort through possible dates based on things like age, location, hobbies, and beliefs. This can save time and effort by getting rid of people who aren’t a good fit.

  4. Men can take their time to get to know someone online before deciding whether or not to meet in person. This makes it easy to meet someone in person or go on a blind date.

But you should remember that dating apps have their own issues and limits. Some guys might find it hard to stand out on these apps because they can be very busy and competitive places. Some guys might also find it hard to deal with the matching process or the level of matches they get. Overall, each person’s experience with dating apps can be very different, depending on things like age, location, sexual orientation, and relationship goals.

Is ghosting a very common phenomenon?

A number of studies and polls have revealed that ghosting is a widespread occurrence in online dating and can affect people of all gender. In a poll by the Plenty of Fish approximately 80% of participants said they had been ghosted at some point throughout the online dating process. 78% of respondents to another Plenty of Fish survey reported having been ghosted at least once, with women slightly more likely to report this than men.

8 reasons why women ghost men on dating apps

The term “ghosting” refers to the practice of suddenly ignoring a person’s messages and phone calls without providing an explanation. While it’s true that everyone is susceptible to being “ghosted,” women are statistically more inclined to do so than men on dating apps. Women may not respond to men on dating apps for the following reasons:

Being busy or feeling overwhelmed

Online dating can take a lot of time, and some women may feel overloaded by the volume of messages and matches. They might decide to stop replying to communications altogether in favor of other responsibilities. This may be particularly true if they are preoccupied with work or other obligations. They might believe the effort needed to use dating apps is not worthwhile given the potential rewards.

Lack of interest

Women may swipe right on someone based on their profile or the first message they send, only to discover later that they are not interested in continuing a relationship. Instead of confronting the person and maybe offending them, they might decide to ghost them. This may be especially true if they believe the other party has a greater level of commitment than they do. They might think the other party would become hostile or aggressive if they rejected them directly.

Safety concern

Unfortunately, there are some risks associated with online dating, and women may decide to ghost someone if they feel uneasy or frightened. This may be especially true if they receive abusive or threatening communications from a match or if they believe that person is invading their privacy.

Personal problems

Women may experience personal difficulties that make it difficult for them to interact with matches on dating apps. For instance, they can be experiencing emotional difficulty or coping with problems at home or at work. They may find it difficult to be motivated to interact with matches or to have the emotional space to pursue relationships as a result.

Lack of chemistry

Even if two people appear to be a good match on paper, they might not click in real life. If they don’t feel a connection, women can decide to ghost rather than attempt to force something that isn’t there. This may be particularly true if they’ve previously gone on one or two dates and don’t believe there’s chemistry.

Number of matches

Women may match with several people on dating apps, and they may occasionally decide to pursue one match over another. If they feel more interested in another individual or that it would be too time- and energy-consuming to pursue a relationship with a match, they may decide to ghost them.

Changing preferences

People’s tastes and priorities may change as they continue to use dating apps and go on dates. If a woman no longer feels compatible with the person she matched with or if she wants something new, she may decide to ghost. This may be particularly true if the person they matched with is more interested in casual dating and is seeking a more serious or committed relationship.

Feeling overwhelmed by the talk

Women occasionally complain that a date’s conversation is going too rapidly or in the wrong direction. This can be the result of the match’s excessively aggressive, forceful, or sexual messaging. In certain situations, ladies can decide to ghost the match rather than partake in an uncomfortable chat.

While it’s true that the person being ghosted may feel offended and frustrated, the choice to speak (or not engage) with a match on a dating app is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

What should I do if I am getting ghosted?

Getting ghosted can be a frustrating and confusing experience. Here are some steps you can take if you find yourself in this situation:

Give them some space

It’s likely that the woman who ghosted you is just busy or going through a trying moment. Give her some space. Give her some time to react, then check to see whether she responds.

Try sending a follow-up message

You can send a follow-up message if you haven’t heard back from her after a few days. Keep it brief, respectful, and non-aggressive. You may say, “Hey, I just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing,” as an illustration. I hope everything is good.

Move on

You might want to consider moving on if the woman keeps ignoring your messages or if you think it’s unlikely that she will respond. Wasting time occurs when you spend time and effort on someone who isn’t interested in or eager to interact with you. You waste your time by spending it on someone who doesn’t want to talk.

Remember not to take it personally

Being ghosted is not always a reflection on you or your value as a person. The woman might not have felt a connection or been prepared to pursue a relationship at this time.

Take a break

If you have been ghosted more than once, it might be time to step away from dating apps and reconsider your strategy. Consider putting online dating on hold while you concentrate on other areas of your life. When you’re ready to start dating again, think about how you can enhance your profile or messaging strategy to increase your chances of connecting with someone.

Learn from the experience

Take this as an opportunity to reflect on what you want in a relationship. Think about what you can do differently in the future to avoid similar situations.

Remember, being ghosted says more about the other person than it does about you. Don’t take it personally. Keep an open mind about meeting new people who are more deserving of your time and attention.

In conclusion

Getting ghosted on a dating app might be annoying, but it’s critical to keep in mind that it doesn’t indicate how valuable you are as a person. While it may be tempting to analyze what went wrong and question why, it’s critical to keep in mind that occasionally partners aren’t a good fit. It’s acceptable to send a polite follow-up message if you’ve been ghosted, but if you don’t hear back, stop. Instead, concentrate on going forward and refining your strategy for subsequent matches. Don’t give up too soon; ultimately, creating a meaningful connection on a dating app requires time and patience.

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