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5 Celebs You Should Follow For Men’s Makeup

Featured image celebs to follow for men's makeup

In recent years, the world of makeup has become more inclusive and diverse than ever before. Men are breaking gender norms and embracing makeup as a form of self-expression, artistry, and grooming. If you're looking to explore the world of men's makeup, you're in the right place.

In this article, we'll introduce you to a curated list of influential celebs you should follow, who have made their mark in the makeup industry. From makeup artists and beauty gurus to content creators and influencers, these individuals offer valuable insights, tutorials, and product recommendations for anyone interested in men's makeup. So let's dive into the exciting and evolving world of male beauty and grooming:

1. Victor Ramos

Victor Ramos
Source: IMDb

Victor Ramos, a rising star in the world of beauty and makeup, is breaking barriers and defying expectations. Growing up, no one could have predicted that he would become a renowned figure in the beauty industry. Yet, here he is, making waves and inspiring countless individuals who share his passion for makeup.

Victor's journey into makeup was somewhat unconventional. It all began when he over-tweezed his eyebrows during high school, only to realize that thicker eyebrows were becoming a trend. This prompted him to delve into the world of beauty products, ultimately leading to his fascination with makeup. His initial inspiration came from learning that iconic figures like Kim Kardashian and J.Lo relied on products from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Over the years, Victor's talent and dedication to makeup have earned him a substantial following on Instagram, where he boasts over 123,000 devoted followers. His expertise even caught the attention of Makeup Forever, a renowned makeup brand, which approached him when he reached 10,000 Instagram followers. Victor initially thought it was a prank, but it turned out to be a pivotal moment in his career.

In an industry that often lacked diversity and representation, Victor Ramos saw an opportunity to make a difference. He became a trailblazer, starring in campaigns for prominent beauty brands like Smashbox Cosmetics, NYX, and MAC Cosmetics. His presence in these campaigns was groundbreaking, as he became a role model for young boys interested in beauty.

Victor's story is a testament to perseverance, breaking stereotypes, and opening doors for underrepresented voices. He continues to inspire and remains dedicated to making a lasting impact, not only in the beauty industry but also in the world of entertainment and beyond.

2. Alex Faction

Alex Faction
Source: Twitter

Meet Alex Faction, the YouTube makeup maestro whose artistry knows no bounds. With a few skillful strokes, he can transform anyone into a glittering deity or a spine-chilling specter. His incredible talents shine through in his perfect recreations of iconic characters like Freddy Krueger, Catwoman, and the hair-raising Pennywise from "IT."

As a trained beautician, Alex Faction shares his expertise with a dedicated following of over 210,000 subscribers on YouTube. His tutorials guide aspiring makeup enthusiasts through the intricate world of theatrical makeup, where faces become unrecognizable canvases for his creativity. The transformations he achieves are nothing short of astonishing.

Alex's artistic journey extends to Instagram, where he boasts a fan base of over 275,000 followers. Here, his followers not only marvel at the final makeup masterpieces but also gain everyday beauty tips to help them look and feel their best. His influence goes beyond special effects, empowering individuals to express themselves through makeup.

In 2017, this Chicago native made the leap to Los Angeles, documenting his exciting journey on Snapchat. While his hometown may miss him, his exceptional skills in special effects makeup find the perfect stage in Tinseltown, where the entertainment industry thrives on creativity and transformation.

Alex Faction's story is a testament to the power of makeup as an art form and a means of self-expression. He continues to captivate and inspire his audience, proving that makeup is a magical tool for unleashing creativity and embracing one's unique identity.

3. Patrick Star

Patrick Starrr
Source: IMDb

Patrick Star is a Filipino-American YouTuber and makeup artist who is challenging stereotypes and reshaping the beauty landscape. In a world of transformations, Patrick's journey is a remarkable tale of self-discovery and empowerment through makeup.

From a young age, Patrick was drawn to stories of metamorphosis, from America's Next Top Model to classic films like Cinderella and The Princess Diaries. At 12, he knew he was gay but struggled to express himself. It was in front of his mother's bathroom mirror that he began experimenting with makeup, finding a way to convey his inner self. This marked the birth of Patrick Star.

Growing up in Orlando, Florida, where makeup was not commonly embraced by men, Patrick faced fears of bullying and discrimination. Moreover, as a Filipino immigrant from a traditional family, he felt the weight of parental expectations to pursue a conventional career, like nursing.

Despite these challenges, Patrick pursued his passion by working at MAC, where he found a supportive community of fellow makeup enthusiasts. Yet, it was YouTube that became his primary outlet. In the early days, he encountered bullies and offensive comments, but he persevered, determined to create a positive space for self-expression.

Over the years, attitudes have shifted, and makeup is no longer confined by gender. Patrick himself believes that makeup is "one size fits all," a mantra that has guided his journey. His presence in major beauty campaigns, as a bald Filipino man, reflects the changing face of the beauty industry, thanks to the power of social media.

Through his makeup tutorials, Patrick aims to represent those who have felt unseen and unheard. He celebrates the diverse voices that challenge beauty norms and promote inclusivity.

Today, Patrick Star has millions of followers across various platforms, but he values the quality of engagement over quantity. He has launched his beauty brand, One/Size, and ventured into podcasting, sharing a different side of himself.

4. Wayne Goss

Wayne Gross
Source: IMDb

Wayne Goss is another YouTube sensation who has revolutionized the world of beauty tutorials. with over a million subscribers on his beauty channel and the consumer influence to match.

Wayne's fascination with makeup dates back to his childhood. He was drawn to magazines showcasing pretty faces, but it was his battle with acne at the age of 20 that reignited his love for makeup. Self-taught and armed with knowledge from makeup luminaries like Way Bandy and Kevyn Aucoin, Wayne embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead him to YouTube.

His approach to makeup tutorials is refreshingly straightforward and methodical. Wayne's videos aim to simplify the makeup process and provide clear, concise instructions. He believes that art doesn't require a degree to be explained effectively, and his content fills a vital gap in the beauty tutorial landscape. His impact was particularly evident in videos on concealer and blusher techniques, which garnered rapid growth.

Interestingly, Wayne doesn't wear makeup himself, despite demonstrating various makeup techniques. He prefers a scruffy and unkempt style, embracing his individuality. His choice to use his own eyes for tutorials is practical; his realistic eye shape provides a relatable canvas for his viewers.

Wayne has collaborated with Beautylish on a line of brushes. His aim was to create high-quality brushes using Japanese craftsmanship techniques, ensuring that the difference in quality was immediately noticeable to users. The project was self-funded and exceeded expectations, with brushes selling out within five minutes.

5. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley
Source: IMDb

Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, was known not just for his singing abilities but also for his unique makeup designs. Elvis had a youthful and natural appearance in his early career, accentuating his signature jet-black hair and curled lip. His makeup technique included using eyeliner and mascara to emphasize his stunning blue eyes and add depth to them.

As he progressed through the 1960s, his makeup became more professional and beautiful, influenced by era fashion trends. He started applying thicker eyeliner, contouring to highlight his cheekbones and glossy lip colors.

Written By - Girish Pangeijam

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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