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10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

Men's attire is incomplete without a watch despite the style of the watch. Men wearing watches are taken as reliable. It also represents punctuality and consciousness; women, find it quite attractive and sensual when the guy looks at his wristwatch to check the time.

Watches are given as gifts too and each type of watch defines your personality & and traits. For example, office attire is imperfect without a watch, and wearing it to such events presents your self-esteem, elegant nature, ready for action, etc.

Wearing a watch has eventually become a classic style for men of all ages. It looks good and this legacy has been put forward for ages. It all started with the son admiring the watch his father wore which would be given to him when he reached a certain age. It holds several emotions and now it has become a part of tradition. People will give each other almost identical watches as a sovereign of their love.

One of the most interesting hobbies of men is to have a great collection of expensive and stylish watches.

We take a look at 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World. We will also explore why these are the top brands as well as the best fit for you.

Expensive watches to wear

1. Patek Philippe

It is a Swiss luxury brand located in Geneva, Switzerland. This brand is both expensive and popular because of its best craftsmanship, and heritage, and is known for its design setting on wrists.

The quality of timepieces and the brand's long history of manufacturing such elegant timepieces are the important factors stating the uniqueness of this brand.

They launched their new collection in March 2023 which includes:

6300GR-001 white gold and rose gold

5178GR-012 white gold

4962/200R-001 rose gold

The price of Patek Philippe starts from $18,000 and the most expensive watch comes to over $300,000.

2. Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin SA is the second oldest Swiss luxury moving forward with its 150 years of experience. It has been a subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group, and this brand was founded in 1755.

It is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world with an unremarkable watchmaking history with amazing watch designs.

This brand introduces you to its unique collection including:





Each piece comes with its unique designs in the color of either white gold or rose gold. The price of Vacheron Constantin starts at $12,300 and its expensive watch comes to over $100,000.

3. Breguet

This is a Swiss-French luxury brand manufacturing watches, clocks, and jewelry founded by Abraham Louis Breguet in Paris.

Breguet is known for its fantastic timepiece collections and craftsmanship. This brand ranks 6th among the Swiss watch brands.

The collection includes:





The price begins at $5,300 and goes over $171,000 for the most expensive watch collection.

4. Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co is an American jewelry and wristwatch retailing brand founded in 1986 by diamond designer Jacob Arabo. They carry a felicitous reputation for unwinding new grounds in watch manufacturing.

Their top collections include:



Epic X

Ghost, etc.

The price begins at $4,848 and reaches over $121,200.

5. Rolex

This is also a Swiss luxury watch designer and manufacturer in Geneva, it was founded in 1905. These watches are manufactured in such a manner that they turn out to be brawny, high quality as well as abiding.

This brand was the first one to produce waterproof watches and present the same to the world. These are produced in limited quantities because of their uniqueness.

They have launched new models in 2023:


Yacht-master 42


GMT-Master II, etc.

The price starts at $4,000 and reaches over $17.8 million for the most expensive watch.

6. Hublot

Hublot was the first brand that dared to make a fusion of unthinkable elements I.e., gold and rubber, and created a masterpiece while calling it “Art of Fusion”. It comes under the Swiss luxury brands which was founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco.

Hublot collection introduces you to the following:

Big bang

Classic Fusion


Shaped, etc.

The price for the cheapest watch from Hublot begins at $4,600 and leads toward the most expensive one with a price of $400,000.

7. Chopard

Chopard is a Swiss manufacturer and retailer of watches, jewelry, and accessories but its men’s collection is astonishing. It is known for its artistry, technology, and adroitness of its workers.

The best works include the following:





The price for Chopard begins at $5,000 and reaches over $25 million.

8. Graff

This is a British Multinational jewelry brand based in London and was founded in 1960 with a commendable men’s watch collection.

It is widely known for the use of the finest stones and craftsmanship. They are quite rare in the market, but they manufacture high-quality products.

They use 110 carats, of colorful diamonds in their works with a price of $16,000 to $48,000.

9. Piaget

This Swiss brand was founded in 1874 and is known for style, quality, and whatnot. This brand offers different types of straps according to your needs. Piaget produces one of the best slim-line watches.

The collection includes:

Piaget Polo Field watch

Piaget Polo Date watch

Altiplano Ultimate Automatic watch, etc.

The range varies from $2,900 to $80,000.

10. Franck Muller

This brand was founded in 1991 and is widely known for its amazing fusions. The best-known are Curvex CX, Long Island, Master Square, etc.

Their work comes off with an exceptional finish on every inch of the watch be it the dial or the strap. Buy from:

The price range varies from $5,700 to $1.5 million.


The above-mentioned are the rarest and most expensive brands so, take some time off for your watch collection and find your best type. Some of the amazing products are waiting for you to discover them.

Written By - Khushi Bhardwaj

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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